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When calling my Google Voice number, there are certain conditions that automatically happens when calling. This is known as calling rules. The rules are designed to make it convenient for me while still allowing others to call me. The calling rules at this time does not apply to my international numbers. The rules are as follows:


  • Anonymous Callers (Voicemail)
  • Unknown Callers (Home SIP Line)
  • Known Callers (Home SIP Line, Visible)

Anonymous Callers

Anonymous Callers are people that block their number from showing up on Caller ID units. When they call, the Caller ID will show as Anonymous, or Private and there is no telephone number displayed. Because I disclose my number when calling people - I will expect the same courtesy from people who calls me. Therefore, Anonymous Callers will not ring my phone and will go straight to voicemail.

Unknown Callers

Unknown callers are callers that are not in my contacts. This could be a couple of reasons as to why. The most likely reason is I don't know your last name. If this is the case, I will not put "Joe Down the Street" as a contact. If I don't know Joe's last name, he does not get in my contacts. The second reason is I don't have the phone number that the contact is calling from in my contacts. This might be the case for example with a doctor's office calling from a number not associated as their work number.

Known Callers

Known callers are people in my contacts. I therefore know their first and last name as well as the respective telephone number they will call from. All such callers will ring my phone 24/7, but it would be good to consider local time when calling, and to call at a reasonable hour.

Calling the International Numbers

When calling either of my international numbers, you will ring the SIP client. However, when I go to bed, I will set the SIP client to Do Not Disturb. This is to assure that I have appropriate sleep at night time. You can find my international numbers will include a South African and a United Kingdom number.


You can reach my South African number by dialing +27875508495 or locally at 087 550 8495. This number is considered as a national number not tied to any particular region, and should be considered as a domestic within South Africa.


You can reach my United Kingdom number by dialing +442036080180 or locally at 0203 608 0180. This number is considered as a London UK local number. I would assume that with most calling plans, this would be considered as a domestic call.